Our home, your experience

A unique diner in Amsterdam

At De Uitsmijter, we passionately craft a unique dining experience, where the simple joy of savoring high-quality uitsmijters and diverse egg-centric dishes is complemented by our warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Inspired by the cozy and informal spirit of gezelligheid, we strive to be more than just a restaurant – we aim to create a community hub where guests can relax, enjoy delicious food, and leave with a sense of satisfaction and anticipation for their next visit.

Our dedication to originality, flexibility, and a friendly environment sets us apart, making De Uitsmijter a place where every experience is as distinctive as the egg dishes we serve.

We are not just a restaurant; we are an inviting destination, a home away from home, and a celebration of the joy found in the simple pleasures of good food and genuine hospitality.

Your coffee moment

Perfect to complete your lunch experience!

We are just as proud of our coffee as we are of our omelettes!

Every barista receives a training to be able to make your delicious cappuccino just right. Prefer oat milk? Syrup? Chai Latte? We will gladly make your unique coffee with love.

Our coffee beans from Uncommon Coffee are perfect for your moment of relaxation and enjoyment of a cup of coffee.

Coffee from Uncommon
De Uitsmijter at Zuidas

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